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Cardiovascular disease refers to any condition in which the blood vessels or electrical activity of the heart stop working properly. These diseases can manifest in many ways, including abnormal rhythms. Atrial fibrillation causes the heart's small upper chambers (the Atria) to stop beating efficiently. They don't pump blood completely, so some blood may pool and clot. A stroke occurs when blood from the atria clots and gets stuck in an artery in your brain. People with atrial fibrillation account for about 15% of strokes.

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Electrocardiogram Monitors are used by health professionals to detect and monitor the electrical activity of the heart. It can be used to detect irregular heartbeats or atrial fibrillation. Patients with abnormal heart rhythms should be closely monitored after they have been diagnosed. This is done to avoid complications such as stroke, which can be very debilitating in the elderly.

These monitors had one major drawback, that is, anyone who needed to have these tests performed had to go to a hospital or other healthcare provider center. These tests can now be performed at home thanks to the portability of these devices.

These small handheld devices allow people with abnormal heart conditions to take measurements of their heart electrical activity and send the results to their doctor for evaluation. 

The ECG monitors come with small LCD screens that display the electrical activity of the heart. These ECG monitors have been enhanced with "intelligence", which allows them to provide features such as user alarms and local processing to detect abnormal heart rhythms.

Benefits Of Portable ECG Devices