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If you have compressed air in your facility, you may also need a compressed air dryer. How do you know if you need this device and how does it work?

The most common type of air dryer you will see in industrial compressed air systems is the refrigeration dryer. You can also look for the best-refrigerated air dryers through various online sites.

Compressed Air Dryer

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They work according to a simple mechanism in which they use one or more heat exchangers to cool the compressed hot air, condensing most of the water and removing the water through a separator with automatic drainage. 

If you are looking for dryers that are affordable and don't work in extreme conditions where you need exceptionally high drying performance, they are often the best and most economical choice.

Drying in a refrigerator means the compressed air is cooled, which allows large amounts of water to condense and separate. 

After cooling and condensing, the compressed air is warmed to about room temperature so that no condensed water builds up on the outside of the piping system. 

This heat exchange between the intake and exhaust compressed air also reduces the temperature of the intake compressed air and thereby reduces the required cooling capacity of the refrigeration circuit. The compressed air is cooled by a closed cooling system.

Intelligent control of compressed air dryers with refrigerants using intelligent control algorithms can significantly reduce the energy consumption of modern refrigeration dryers.

Basic Things About Refrigerator Air Dryers