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In the past, the only treatments for cancer patients were the artificial kinds or the so-called hospital treatments. Nowadays, there are alternative cancer therapies or those treatments that kill cancer cells naturally.

Changes in your lifestyle, revising your diet, and so on, are examples of alternative ways to win against cancer. You can also get the best alternative cancer therapies in Spokane, WA.

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Cancer-Fighting Herbs

Herbs are part of the list of natural cures for people suffering from cancer. Some herbs can thwart the growth of cancerous cells. Green tea, or Camellia Sinensis, is a herb that you can either use for cancer prevention, or you can utilize as one of your treatments for the above-mentioned disease.

Drinking green tea daily is included in alternative cancer therapies that can kill cancer cells naturally, whether you have been diagnosed with lung, colon, breast, or other cancers. Bioflavonoids, or anti-oxidants, are found in green tea and help to battle those pesky life-threatening cells.

Mint or 'Mentha' is also recommended. It can help you win against cancer because it has phytochemicals that work to prevent the supply of blood to cancerous tumors. The malignant cells or carcinogens will be eliminated if the blood supply is decreased or cut off.

Therefore, adding mint to most of the dishes you prepare, as well as mint to your coffee or any other beverage, is on the list of alternative cancer therapies that you should adopt into your everyday life.

Alternative Cancer Therapies That Can Kill Cancer Cells Naturally
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