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Venetian blinds were invented by Venetian traders who traveled to countries in the Far East. Venetian blinds are a prominent type of blinds found in many households because they are facile and effective at protecting from the sun. The blinds consist of horizontal slats and overlapping material which allows blinds to be used in different ways.

For e.g. when these blinds are completely closed, they can block the extraneous light, and the blinds can also be adjusted precisely to the desired amount of light. What makes the perfect venetian door blinds even more advantageous is that they can be rolled up completely when you want full light through your window.

There are four types of Venetian blinds:

Wooden Venetian blinds are made of various types of wood. They can give your home an exotic and elegant look as they can be very intricately made. Not surprisingly, wooden blinds are the most expensive version of this type of blind.

Lightweight aluminum blinds are available in different colors. These thin gratings are a common feature today in residential and commercial buildings.

PVC curtains – these types of curtains are inexpensive, durable, and very practical.

Mini Blinds – This is a type of blind that has narrow slats and is usually used to block out more light.

The range of blinds available in the market today, with many styles, designs, and prices, has made them one of the most popular and affordable types of blinds today.

All about Venetian Door Blinds