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As the lamination industry advances, there are already a number of laminate sheets with certain special properties.  Some of them are:

High Pressure Laminates: These laminates dry under heat and pressure during the manufacturing process to increase their durability. This laminate is very strong and has scratch resistant properties. There are various sites available online from where you can download brochures to check laminate designs and sheet prices as well. 

laminate sheet price

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Digital lamination: With this laminate version you can turn any image, design, symbol or logo into the beautiful laminate panel you want. With the help of these layered panels, you can give a special personal touch to the interior and reflect your artistic skills.

Antistatic Lamination: This lamination is manufactured using advanced technology which gives it special properties that allow it to dissipate static electricity. These laminated panels are ideal for use in high risk electrostatic environments.

Unicore Laminates: These laminates come in a variety of solid colors so they can add a bright color to any interior. They have high abrasion resistance, so they can look perfect for years.

Flame Retardant Laminates: These laminates are treated with special imported chemicals which slow down their temperature rise. The chemicals used in the laminate manufacturing process are completely halogen free, which reduces the risk of toxic smoke emissions. 

These extraordinary properties make this decorative laminate version ideal for kitchen surfaces with a high fire risk. 

All About Different Type Of Laminates