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An architect is a person who plans and designs buildings. He / she also oversees the construction of buildings. To work as an architect, you must collect operational and construction codes in addition to the available construction methods. 

The architect should have more than just drawing skills and a really creative imagination. They should be literate and be in possession of excellent oral and verbal communication. Auto discipline and endurance are important virtues that those who wish to work as architects must have. You will find below information about how to become an architect. You can check out the residential architecture in melbourne via

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If you are high school and asked you to become an architect, then read. The first thing you want to do is work hard in arithmetic and scientific subjects. The architecture is not the career for you if you do not like mathematics or science. For those who retain high qualities, you are assured of a place in colleges offering architectural programs. 

You will want to submit your college applications during your last year. Make sure you do not send your applications to colleges that have accredited from the national architectural accreditation commission. This is because they provide the best programs. Make sure you meet their requirements and you have all the required documents.

A Guide to a Architecture Career in Melbourne