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If you're a kayaker wild swimmer, canyoner diver, or regular stroller along the shoreline, having water shoes to go on your adventures will make all the impact.

For anyone who is involved in activities that require frequent changes between dry and water, the aqua shoes are your feet's most trusted companion. But what are water shoes, exactly, do you need them, and what are their benefits compared to going au naturel or wearing a pair of sandals?

Water shoes are a form of footwear used to have frequent transitions from dry ground to water. The majority of them are constructed with nylon or mesh uppers. They have a rubber sole which offers a better grip on the ground while protecting against cuts and abrasions when you walk on rocky terrain that surrounds the water.

If you're engaged in any water sports – be it paddling, scuba diving wild swimming, snorkeling, coasteering, or canyoning paddleboarding then you must buy a pair of aqua shoes.

They feature extra-grippy soles which are able to stick well to slippery natural surfaces as well as to the fiberglass or plastic that is used on surfboards, paddleboards kayaks, boats, and other water sports. They're significantly more comfortable than shoes or feet but are also able to prevent bruises and bumps to your feet and avoid slips.

A Brief Introduction To Aqua Shoes
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