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There are about different uses of paracord, from lanyards to survival bracelets. Here are 3 uses of parachute cables or 550 cables. 

There are many unique and creative ways to use your paracord. The rope itself has a lot of interweaving for its size. These strands can also be cut for extra use. Nowadays, you can easily buy paracord at

Carrying rope- The simplest and most functional use of paracord is as a sling. Whether it's around your neck, like a wrist wrap, or even a tent at your campsite, you can safely store your gear. In addition, the teeth will not fall out as fast as the power of the paracord. You will have better traction and not be afraid to miss something.

Survival Bracelet- One of the most common uses of paracord is to make survival bracelets. It gives you a beautiful, stylish and functional accessory for your wardrobe. The bracelet allows you to briefly disconnect it for use in certain situations. It doesn't always hurt to be prepared. Not to mention, many people also choose to mix and match different colors of paracord for a unique look.

Shoelaces- You never know when your shoelaces may come off and break. Use a paracord as a spare lace. Not to mention the paracord also comes in a variety of different colors. You can mix and match them to get a different style with the shoes you already have.

3 Uses Of Paracord For Outdoor Survival